Title Degree School Year 作者
Toward True Educational Sovereignty for the Navajo Nation: Structure, Politics, Curriculum, and Quality Ed.D. Fielding Graduate University 2017 Benally, Timothy
Culturally Responsive Teaching of Indigenous Students in Canada's Northwest Territories Ph.D. Walden University 2017 Amprako, Francis
Protective Factors that Enhance the Resilience of American Indian Students in Graduating from Urban High Schools Ed.D. Montana State University 2017 McCarthy, Glenda Anne
The Juxtaposition of "Gentle Action" Theory and Native American Ways of Knowing and Being: The Provision of Services to Native American Women Experiencing Incarceration Ph.D. California Institute of Integral Studies 2017 Corcoran, Carma
Re-Turning to Wholeness: The Psycho-Spiritual Integration Process of Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Western Participants From a Jungian Perspctive Psy.D. California Institute of Integral Studies 2017 Cohen, Ido
Wolakota: The Face of Rezilience in "Post"-Colonial America Ph.D. Colorado State University 2017 Chesnais, Aude
Co-management techniques and the Alderville Black Oak Savanna Ph.D. Queen's University (Canada) 2017 Keller, Kimberley
Examining the Integration of Aboriginal Cultural Content in the Elementary School Curriculum in a First Nation in Mid-Northern Ontario M.Ed. Queen's University (Canada) 2017 Manitowabi, Melanie
Marie: A disenfrancised First Nation woman from Kipawa Ph.D. Queen's University (Canada) 2017 Davis, Catherine
An Ecological and Life Course Analysis of Binge Drinking and Problem Gambling Among Indigenous Populations in Canada M.Sc. University of Lethbridge (Canada) 2017 Mason, Erin