TIPRC LOGO Logo of Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples Resource Center consists of six rays of light, a vortex formed by the letter ”e.” There are three different colors in the logo: black, red and brown. Red and black are the basic colors that most commonly used by indigenous peoples: red representing energy and black standing for wisdom, the color brown signifies land.

The vortex at the logo’s center derives from an indigenous totem symbol, and the “e” stands for information of knowledge which serves as the Center point for the six rays of light. These six rays of light also symbolize the extensive range of the center’s collections in ecology, culture, art, education, industry and medical health. The vortex-like logo appears to rotate and represents a dynamic force to simultaneously convey and draw in information from different directions.

The six rays of light and six dots symbolize feelers that constantly to reach out to collect a comprehensive knowledge of indigenous peoples. The whole logo moves toward the top right direction, just like the sun or a comet possessing creativity and passion, symboliz indigenous peoples’ unique culture with profound growing potential and possibilities. The opening of the circle represents the center has a pioneering spirit for future opportunities.