Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples Resource Center was established to collect information related to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples and to organize these data for preservation and usage purposes. The center also aims to become a key information provider, offering guidance and assistance to those who are interested in issues of concern to indigenous peoples.

In addition to books and other resources about Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, the center also collects information on Taiwan’s indigenous peoples around the world with the goal of promoting interaction between these various cultures.

It is our intention to become a professional research resource center providing resources for academic studies and encouraging communications between indigenous peoples across the world.

1. Collection of Information and Resources

To set up a resource center to preserve books, periodical publications, multimedia materials and other physical type data, using scientific methods to bring together, organize and compile a range of information resources related to indigenous peoples and then to disseminate this knowledge.

2. Integration of Online Resources

Our aim is to provide a mechanism for the systematic integration and management of dispersed information and digital resources related to indigenous peoples, and to become an exclusive channel for storing and sharing theme-based indigenous resources.