MUSE Integrated Search

MUSE Integrated Search (IP controlled, access restricted to within the center’s internet domain)

The NTU Library’s metadata-search engine of electronic resources provides the functionality of cross-database search. The databases are separated into 11 categories, including:

  1. General Databases (38);
  2. Life Science and Medicine (29);
  3. Science and Engineering (23);
  4. Patents and Standards (6);
  5. Dissertations and Theses (9);
  6. Newspapers (14);
  7. Conference Papers (4);
  8. Catalogs (8);
  9. The Social Sciences (61);
  10. The arts and the Humanities (36);
  11. Encyclopedias, Biographies, and Dictionaries (16)

There are 243 databases available for metadata-search.

User Restrictions: Users needs to have an e-mail account and password for the Computer and Information Networking Center of National Taiwan University in order to log in and use the search facilities. Those not affiliated with the University are required to use the account, GUEST, to log in and search within the center.