PQDT (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses)

PQDT (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses) (IP controlled, access restricted to within the center’s internet domain)

Among the American and Canadian dissertations and theses included in the PQDT, there are many works presented by renowned Taiwanese scholars based in North America that deal with issues related to Taiwan’s indigenous people. For instance, the doctoral dissertation of Jiang Bin (Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica) focuses on the Paiwan tribe and is obtainable through this retrieval system. Once users link to the search page, they can locate this information by entering English keywords such as “amis,” “puyuma,” and “austronesian.”

This archive was created by the Digital Dissertation Consortium of the American and Canadian Regions, which was established through the joint efforts of several library-related organizations in Taiwan, with a view to sharing digital resources and acquiring better products and services. All members of the Consortium can share their purchased dissertations with one another on the Internet. The idea behind this project is to establish a sharing model for digital resources: one single purchase benefits all, and, with time, the quantity of resources will also increase.

In addition to purchasing the PQDT texts related to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples in printed form, the Center also cooperates with the NTU Library to provide complete digital texts for users to browse online and can assist them in making copies of these texts at the center’s search area.