This section has its origins in the investigations and collections of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The scope of the collection ranges from education culture, health care, social welfare, industry, infrastructure, to land management etc. Other important fields covered concerning indigenous peoples include anthropology, literature, linguistics, history, geography, sociology, law, agriculture, calamity prevention, medical treatment, community development, ethnic studies, and travel/recreation.

I. Ebook Library (EBL)

The Ebook Library (EBL) is an Australian e-book system, which currently contains more than 43,000 e-books covering subjects as diverse as architecture, art, business, economics, computer science, drama, education, hygiene, history, law, literature, mathematics, medicine, music, philosophy, politics, psychology, religion, the natural and social sciences, sport, and technology. The 25 e-books that have been purchased can be either read by users online or downloaded. Non purchased e-books can be browsed free of charge for five minutes at a time.

User restriction: It is necessary to possess an e-mail account and password for the Computer and Information Networking Center of National Taiwan University in order to log on. Users can either search for information by book title, keywords, author or,ISBN number. etc. E-books can also be browsed by category.

II. Gale Virtual Reference Library (IP controlled, access restricted within the center’s internet domain)

Gale Virtual Reference Library contains a variety of electronic reference books published by the well known reference book publishers Gale. Users can search texts and select to view articles by HTML or PDF. Gale also provides an additional function—InfoTrac InfoMarks—which allows users to save their search results either on the webpage, in their e-mail accounts or Word files and to search again. A total of 170 sets of reference books are now available, including many on America’s indigenous peoples. These include titles such as American Indian Food, The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Northeast, The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Southeast, The Columbia Guide to the American Indians of the Great Plains, Information Technology and Indigenous People, UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (2nd ed.), and so forth.
Collection Catalogue

III. Greenwood Digital Collection (IP controlled, access restricted to within the center’s internet domain)

Greenwood Digital Collection is an e-book library maintained by the Greenwood Publishing Group, which encompasses fields including anthropology, art, business, communication, education, medical treatment/nursing, law, literature, multi-culture, philosophy, politics, psychology, religion, sociology, women’s studies and history. 693 e-books are presently available to access.
Collection Catalogue

IV. MyiLibrary (IP controlled, access restricted to within the center’s internet domain)

This archive contains more than 100,000 e-books covering diverse fields such as science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, literature, history, and philosophy. Through MyiLibrary, readers can obtain data provided by publishers including Blackwell, CRC Press, and SAGE. The list of publishers, which is still expanding, currently has more than 250 members, and the collections are updated on a weekly basis. MyiLibrary also contains full conference reports, yearbooks, journals, as published by several of the leading international governmental organizations (e.g. the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the World Bank). The academic fields covered include art, philosophy, language and literature, psychology, history, the natural sciences, medicine, geography, the social sciences, the agricultural sciences, law, physics, mathematics, music, religion, education, nutrition, technology, military science, and so on. 4,690 volumes of e-books are currently available.

V. NetLibrary (IP controlled, access restricted to within the center’s internet domain)

NetLibrary comprises english language e-books on law and the social sciences, of which 255 kinds are now available. Each book can be accessed by one user at a time. While there are no time restrictions, if the session remains idle for more than 15 minutes, the system will automatically log out.

VI. Linguistics, Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Australian National University