Reference Services

1. Reference Services

There is “Information Desk” in the center to assist library users search information, access the collections and provide assistances with inquiries. Questions can also be answered by phone, email or via online message boards. Besides, records of all correspondence will be kept for FAQ reference.

2. Services for Searching Library Collections

The center is equipped with the online search area, in which you can search online catalog, electronic databases, CD-ROM database, collection of e-books and other categories. With the center’s library cards, library users can also gain access to the collections of NUT library where has more than 4 million books, nearly 600,000 electronic journals and e-books.

3. Services for finding Online Resources

Library users not only can use the online search facilities to search the center’s collections, but also can access the “Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Portal” for their collections. Their website provides various categories including “e-News by Subject”, “Events”, “Classified Catalogs”, “Research Resources”, “Introduction of Ethnic Groups” and “Convenience Link Services”. This website also provides a two-way service, where library users can recommend reading materials, experts, organizations and current events in order to share the information with the public. One multi-function machine is available in this area to provide color printing and photocopying services.

Library users can use online search area’s computers to access the “Virtual Tour to the Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples Resource Center”, which includes information about the center’s established history, goals, lay-out and facilities. And, color photocopying machines is set next to this area.

4. Featured New Arrival Materials Services and Request for Purchase Services

Featured new arrival materials will display on the center’s “New Arrival Materials Self”.  Library users can go to the center’s website to browse list and detailed content of the new arrival materials and to check the current status of the library collections. At the same time, the detailed description of the featured new arrival materials can be found through the center’s blog, where Chinese and Western Languages publications, multi-media & audio-visual materials are all included. Library users can get even more comprehensive information from NTU Library through the center’s links.

Readers can also request indigenous relevant books purchases on TIPRC’ s website. Users should fill out a form,questions include books’ title, author, publisher,Publish Year and ISBN/ISSN. We will deal users’ cases as soon as receive the request. Hopefully with all those services to stimulated the public to have more interests on using the library.

5. Seamless Information Services

NTU Library contains more than 4 million collections, includes 600,000 electronic journals, e-books and more than 400 databases platforms. And it is also supported by many professional specialists. Through the collaboration with NUT library, the center can provides the public with the most extensive range of resources related to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. All the library users can use the center’s library cards to access NTU library directly in order to gain further information on available resources.